It gives us immense please to present us. Since our very inception in 1988, every year that passed was a source of inspiration and gave a boost to our confidence. We earned goodwill besides respectability and acceptability of our products. We determinedly exerted our energies towards improvement of the quality & workmanship of our products to match the international standards. Our basic policy to earn least profits and at the same time maintain quality coupled with economic price-factor motivated us to enter the export trade.
We have tried our best to cover as many items as possible in this website. However considering the vastness of this specific line of trade, omissions are bound to occur.

Our heartiest thanks to those of our clients who have contributed towards our progress and those who may join us anew , we assure them of our best and prompt attention in every respect. They will find us trustworthy, any they will not feel sorry for confidence reposed in us.
Suggestions from our clients are most welcome for implementation as far as practicable & feasible.

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